Youth ‘quarantined’ at fiance’s house for over a month!


Birthday surprises can go wrong. A Keralite youth got stuck at his fiancé’s house at Mangaluru after trying to surprise the bride-to-be on her birthday. He left from his office in Ernakulam after lying to his Thiruvananthapuram-based parents that he was going to Mangaluru on official trip.

While he was enjoying his time with his fiancé and her parents, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Janta Curfew. Soon after, the nationwide lockdown was implemented.

He had no option to return home as all public transportation was banned. So the parents of the fiancé allowed him to stay in the house with them. As he was planning to return after the lockdown, the government extended the lockdown period. With no other option, the youth had to remain where he was.

Meanwhile, his family has came to know about the story behind him getting stuck in Mangaluru and they couldn’t stop laughing over it.

Now, he is spending his Mangaluru days working online and farming in the house.

The wedding has been postponed and the new date has not been fixed yet. He has registered himself in NORKA website to return to Kerala