World’s tallest dog, at 7-foot-4, is now the oldest living Great Dane


This story, from the New York Post, details a world record for the oldest living Great Dane on record. However, Guinness World Records, after being contacted by Fox News, said the organization does not keep records concerning the oldest living dog of any specific breed. Guinness World Records did confirm that Freddy still holds the record for World’s Tallest Dog.

The world’s tallest dog got some paws-itive news on his birthday.

Enormous Freddy — who is over 7 feet tall when standing on his back legs — turned 8 years old, making him the oldest known living Great Dane in the world.

Freddy’s owner, Claire Stoneman from Weeting, Norfolk, UK, threw the big dog a birthday party on May 17 to celebrate, along with his sister Fleur, who is from the same litter and is just minutes younger.

“Freddy and Fleur had a great birthday party and they both had the best time. We decorated the garden and they got loads of their favorite treats and cuddly toys,” Stoneman tells Caters.

Stoneman’s 7-year-old neighbor and Freddy’s best friend, Erin Manley, also attended the party. Erin has known Freddy her whole life, and they grew up together.

“Erin has never known life without Freddy. She isn’t [fazed] by his height at all and has always been close to him,” Erin’s dad, Peter, tells Caters.

Before the coronavirus lockdown, Erin would go to visit Freddy, who weighs about 210 pounds, at least twice a week. She sometimes gives him a phone call before she goes to bed, and Freddy mumbles back when he recognizes her voice.

“He’s so big that he towers over her. She cuddles up to him on the settee to watch television and he just towers over her, but they have a very sweet relationship,” Erin’s dad says.

Stoneman takes her Great Danes out for a walk early in the morning to avoid large crowds.

“Everyone is always shocked by their size and some people are intimidated, they say it’s like I’m walking a horse down the street,” she says.