West Bengal Political Parties prepare for the Election Battle with New Armour


From Trinamool Congress (TMC) to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), leaders from the political parties in West Bengal are not leaving a single opportunity to inch a step closer to the election battle. They have been using the face masks, made mandatory due to the novel coronavirus, to make a political statement.

Wearing a mask is compulsory to keep coronavirus at bay but Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taken it to another level. She was seen sporting a mask hemmed in the colours of her saree border with Bengal map and “Maa” written on it.

Why “Maa”? “Maa” is the first word of the slogan “Maa Maati Manush” of Trinamool Congress.

Bharatiya Janata Party isn’t far behind.

While Mamata Banerjee has been donning the masks of her party colours, West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh, too, has been seen flaunting saffron masks with Lotus symbol on it.

Taking a dig on it, senior TMC leader and minister Sovan Deb Chattopadhyay, saying saffron masks and politics won’t help the people of the state.

He said, “Wearing a saffron mask won’t help the people. We are suffering from coronavirus, we have faced the havoc of Cyclone Amphan. Amid that, saffron masks and politics won’t help. We have to work on more serious issues.”

BJP, too, hit back at the TMC, saying the latter wasn’t fighting the virus but the saffron party in West Bengal.

BJP National Secretary Rahul Sinha said, “TMC is not fighting against corona, they are fighting with BJP in West Bengal. They are trying to protect themselves by adding symbols on their masks. It won’t be a matter of surprise if they will even put a photo of Mamata Banerjee on the masks.”

Interestingly, the BJP does not find anything political in saffron masks with the party symbol on them.

Rahul Sinha said, “There is nothing political strategy in it. A few party workers in excitement added the lotus flower on the masks but BJP isn’t written anywhere. Lotus is our national flower. Why do they have a problem with the national flower of India? And the colour saffron is the identity of our nation.”

“Why are they so afraid of the saffron colour? They are not afraid of green or red but they have issues with the saffron colour. It is the reason some workers have made and distributed masks. The colour of the masks doesn’t matter. There is no political campaign.”

He also said that BJP will not get involved in the chief minister’s saree colour matching with the masks.