Watch Delhi-based musician couple perform Balcony Concerts to entertain neighbors


Delhi-based musician couple Hitesh and his wife Payal Madan, who reside in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, have been performing mini-concerts from the comfort of their balcony to keep their neighbours entertained during the coronavirus lockdown.The couple first experimented with a performance from their balcony on the day of ‘Janata Curfew’, March 22. Since then, the balcony concerts have been a regular affair for them. Special mention should be given to Ariv and Advay, their sons accompany them with one on drums and the other on bass.

“It’s a tough time for the whole world… We experimented this for the first time on Janta Curfew. We came into the balcony and perform this concert… we received positive and encouraging response from our neighbours so we performed again,” Mr Madan said.

“I will give a message to all people that please stay home, stay safe. I am missing to perform for a big audience but to motivate myself, I m doing this balcony concert. Today we did our third balcony concert,” added Mr Madan.

Residents heaped praises on the couple for keeping them entertained.

“It is refreshing for people living in the area. People are getting bored at the home during lockdown so this is a very good initiative for the entertainment of people,” a resident, Vijay said.

Preeti Madan, a relative of the performers, said that this time is depressing as people are not going anywhere but staying at home all the time and this initiative brings positivity.

“This concert brings positivity in this tough time,” she said.

As expected, the residents of the area have heaped praises on the couple for keeping them entertained.