Vizag Gas Leak-CCTV Horrific visuals show Many collapsing after inhaling Toxic Vapors


A gas leak from LG Polymers at at Andhra Pradesh’s Vishakapatnam on May 7 affected villages in a five-kilometre radius, killing at least 12 people and affecting thousands. A CCTV footage accessed by India Today reveals that the gas cloud engulfed the villages nearby the plant at around 3:47 am.

The horrific visuals showed people fainting on the roads as the hazardous gas engulfed the area. A woman was seen carrying her child, who had fainted after the leak. Another woman collapsed in the area as many tried to escape the toxic vapours.

A week after the incident, people living in the vicinity of the LG Polymers plant in Vishakhapatnam say many of them are still facing health issues and have to regularly visit medical camps set up by the local administration in their villages.

News & Video Courtesy : India Today