Viral Video of dog playing hide and seek with little girl is just adorable!


The video of a dog playing hide and seek with a little girl will show you how adorable dogs can be especially during Lockdown periods.

The video of a Belgian Malinois playing games with its hooman during the lockdown is going viral. The clip was shared by the Instagram account gsdfriend with the caption, “He actually played?” The adorable video was originally shared by Omar von Muller on Instagram.

The dog named Monkey can be seen playing hide and seek with a little girl. In the video, the child can be heard saying, “Monkey, let’s play hide and seek. You go count.” And which, Monkey turns around, goes to the wall behind him, stands up on his two feet and covers his eyes with his paws.

The most adorable part of the video is where Monkey turns around to peek where the girl is hiding. She says, “No peeking,” and Monkey turns back to the wall to continue counting.

The moment the little girl says, “Come find me,” Monkey turns around in search of her. The Internet is amazed by the video.