UK Based Kerala Couple wins Lamborghini, Rs 19 lakh cash prize


Shibu Paul and Linnet Joseph, a Kerala couple from Nottingham, UK were surprised when they got to know that they won a Lamborghini and a cash prize of Rs 19 lakh for a lifestyle competition organised by ‘Best of the Best’ (BOTB).

Shibu, a native of Volloor near Piravom in Kottayam district, had moved to the UK about a year ago after working as a sound engineer in Kochi. The couple first lived in Cambridge and later moved to Nottingham. While Linnet is working as a staff nurse at the Nottingham City Hospital, Shibu lost his job amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While Shibu waited for a call from prospective employers after giving several interviews, he bought three tickets worth £6-7 each for BOTB.

When a representative of the BOTB visited their house, he couldn’t believe it. “No, it’s not possible,” he said before he was led downstairs where the luxury car awaited him. The representative then went on to reveal another surprise – a cash prize worth £20,000 in the boot.

“I had participated three times and I didn’t want to become an addict. Last time, I filled the form and forgot about it completely. My wife was taking a nap after her night shift and when the doorbell rang, we were greeted with a brand new Lamborghini worth £195,000 and prize money of £20,000. We are so grateful to god, as we were worried about my job prospects,” Shibu told Media.