TN Man hides inside spare Lorry tyre to enter Kerala


It was a scene out of a movie when a Tamil Nadu native tried to enter Kerala hiding inside the spare tyre (stepney) of a goods lorry.  Suspecting something fishy, Police followed the lorry on bike and took the man under custody. He was taken him into custody on Sunday evening and sent in quarantine.

Though the goods lorry was inspected by police at Aryankavu checkpost, they found nothing suspicious and permitted it to pass by. Meanwhile, a policeman at the checkpost found a man hiding inside the stepney fixed under the vehicle.

According to police he tried to enter Kerala to visit his wife and child. He was then taken into quarantine by health officials.

The lorry workers said that they were not aware of the man hiding.

Another man, who tried to enter Kerala from Kottavasal through railway line was nabbed by forest department officials and handed over to health department.