This is NOT Superstar Mammootty’s house – Actual owner reveals truth behind faked video


Recently mega star Mammootty and his family had moved to his brand new house in Elamkulam in Ernakulam, Kerala. The pictures of his mansion became viral on social media too. However, a fake video of a house, claiming to be Mammootty’s, began doing the rounds on the various online platforms lately. The house that is featured in the video is not Mammootty’s house, though it looks similar to the mega star’s abode. Its owner Reji reveals the truth behind the video.

“The video of my house at Kuruppampadi is being circulated as Mammootty’s house, on the social media. The house is designed by architect Sebastian Jose of the Silpi Architects. It was in February this year that we celebrated the housewarming ceremony. I had entrusted some people to shoot the videos of my house, for my personal use. They shot the video and gave it to us. But one of them had posted it on TikTok saying it was Mammootty’s house,” says Reji.

A few days ago, to the utter shock of Reji and his family he received the fake video on his WhattsApp. Initially, he had decided to ignore it as a harmless prank. However, Reji soon decided to reveal the truth when his friends and relatives began calling him to enquire about it. Reji says he still gets calls from lots of people, asking about the house. “I am fed up with explaining the truth to everyone who calls. I don’t understand what satisfaction do they get by misleading people,” asks Reji.

Meanwhile, Reji is only proud and elated to show around his luxury house. Though the house is a luxury mansion considering its area in square feet, Reji says he built his dream home in half the budget that is usually required for a house of this size. Reji runs a construction business; so he didn’t have to depend on anyone else for the construction materials. The timber that is used in the house was obtained from the plot itself. Besides, it was Reji’s own workers who were involved in the construction. So, a significant amount of money was saved as he didn’t have to entrust the responsibility of the construction to a contractor.

Most furniture in the house is imported from China. His friends there had helped Reji find good quality furniture pieces in low prices. Exclusive materials were brought from Hyderabad to design the mind-blowing landscape. Architect Sebastian Jose deserves credit for designing such a spectacular house that has incredible facilities.

News Courtesy : Onmanorama