Themed food tickles the Coronavirus mood


Virus Platter

Coronavirus may send a shiver down the spine of many people. But some are using it to tickle your taste buds.

Corona Burger

In Hanoi, chef Hoang Tung and his team are making green tea-stained burger buns that also sport little “crowns” made of dough to resemble microscopic images of the virus. “We have this joke that if you are scared of something, you should eat it,” said Tung, at the Pizza Home takeaway shop in downtown Hanoi.

Easter eggs with mask

Biscuits representing easter eggs with a face mask are displayed at the bakery Schuerener Backparadies in Dortmund, western Germany.

Coronavirus Easter Eggs

Pastry chef Jean-François Pré made coronavirus Easter eggs at his shop in Brittany, France. He told French newspaper Le Telegramme he did it to bring some humor to the situation after growing “tired of hearing” about the coronavirus. The chocolate eggs are painted black and are dotted with red-painted almonds to replicate how the virus looks while viewed under a microscope.

Face Mask Emoji

In western Germany, the Schuerener Backparadies bakery has two coronavirus-themed creations to offer: biscuits designed around the face mask emoji and cakes shaped like a toilet roll.

Edible masks

Donuts Delite feature donuts wearing an edible Donuts Delite mask.

Chocolate cakes

Traditional easter chocolate cakes shaped as lambs are decorated with face masks are displayed at the bakery Schuerener Backparadies in Dortmund, western Germany, amid the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.