Striking Photos of the day – 20 July

Check out these striking images from around the world..

A crowd of people spraying water as part of a commercial event in China’s north-eastern Liaoning province
Two women prepare to spend the night in a specially designed beach chair on the Baltic Sea coast. A hotel owner is offering the special accommodation for the first time at German beaches
People inside FAC 51 nightclub after midnight when regulations on mask-wearing, social distancing and other measures designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus in England were lifted
Members of China’s Olympic team wear face masks and face shields during the quarantine process after arriving at Narita International airport ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Firefighters in an area affected by floods caused by heavy rain
Mecca : Muslim pilgrims pray at Namira mosque on the plain of Arafat during the annual hajj, outside the holy city

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