Striking Photos of the day – 19 July

Check out these striking images from around the world..

Russia : A man pilots a motorised hang-glider at sunset
Durban, South Africa : A member of a spill cleaning crew removes dead fish from the river in the Umhlanga Lagoon nature reserve. South African authorities are investigating possible pollution suspected to be linked to a spill at a chemical plant attacked during recent riots in area. The agrochemical warehouse, which stores chemicals used for making herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, was set ablaze during the unrest that started last week
Germany : A garden dwarf and a barrel lie among the debris following severe floods caused by heavy rainfall
Thailand : A protester wearing improvised protective headgear walks away from a cloud of tear gas. Student protesters called for a demonstration demanding the resignation of Thailand’s prime minister, Prayuth Chan-o-Cha, and better action in combating the virus, despite a ban on gatherings because of the country’s current Covid-19 outbreak
Mecca : Muslim pilgrims circumambulating around the Kaaba, Islam’s holiest shrine, at the Grand mosque in the holy Saudi city of Mecca during the annual hajj pilgrimage
California : Forest Service firefighters monitor the Tamarack Fire just outside of the centre of Markleeville

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