Striking Photos of the day – 15 June

Check out these striking images from around the world..

Democratic Republic of the Congo A ranger from Virunga national park climbs the slopes of Mount Nyiragongo three weeks after the volcano’s eruption
Sikhs drink water distributed by volunteers at the Golden Temple on Guru Arjan Dev martyrdom day
Farmer Col Tink and his grandson chase mice from a wheat hold into a water-filled tub acting as a trap on his property in New South Wales
A model prepares backstage during a bridal fashion show, part of the Yes Wedding Expo at Tunjungan Plaza
Poland : People come to see the rare blooming of the endangered Sumatran titan arum, or corpse flower, that is in full bloom for just a few hours and emits a rotten meat odour. Hundreds of people waited for hours in cold wind to see the unusual flower
UK : A one-tonne wicker ‘Beltie bull’, hand sculpted by willow artist Trevor Leat, is hoisted into position after arriving in the Scottish capital, where it will be a centrepiece at the Royal Highland Show

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