Striking Photos of the day – 10 May

Check out these striking images from around the world..

Striking picture of the day-2-10th May 2021
Sumo wrestlers huddle in the ring at the start of the first day of a new two-week sumo tournament in Tokyo.
Striking photo of the day-3-10th May 2021
One of number of boats carrying a total of 415 migrants onboard, intercepted off Lampedusa and escorted by a security forces patrol boat to Favaloro Pier. Onboard this boat were 90 migrants of different nationalities, 83 men, six women and a newborn baby
Striking picture of the day-1-10th May 2021
Protesters from IHH, a Turkish pro-Islamic organization hold a rally outside Israel’s consulate in Istanbul
Striking photo of the day-10th May
Fireworks explode over the Moscow’s University during the celebration of the Victory Day in Moscow, Russia
Striking photo of the day-5-10th May 2021
Police snipers of the Brigade d’Intervention take their positions around the Arc de Triomphe to protect the ceremony of the 76th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE-Day), marking the end of the second world war in Europe

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