Sonu Nigam faces backlash for an Old Tweet


Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, who is currently living in Dubai during the coronavirus pandemic, has created a storm after his comments over the Muslim call to prayer made three years ago, resurfaced online.

The singer made those comments in 2017 while living in India, where he spoke about “forced religion” and the noise emerging from loudspeakers during the call to prayer, which disturbed his “morning sleep”. He had also commented that the noise from loudspeakers emerging from temples and gurudwaras — place of worship for Hindus and Sikhs –— were also problematic and added to the issue.

At the time, those comments were perceived as Islamophobic by many on social media and had raised a Twitter storm.

Over the last few days, those comments have resurfaced on social media, prompting a cross section of Twitter users from this region to tag Dubai Police, asking for action to be taken against this singer since he’s now temporarily stranded in the UAE during the ongoing national sterlisation drive.

Nigam’s son studies in the UAE, prompting the singer to stay back during the coronavirus pandemic as he did not want to endanger his aged father in India.

It is to be remembered that Nigam has performed in Dubai more than a dozen times over the years and was blasted for his remarks back in 2017. The renewed call for boycott brings the issue back in focus.

Meanwhile, Nigam has been performing virtual concerts from Dubai to bring cheer to his fans during the global pandemic.