Sachin Tendulkar Settles $2 Million Lawsuit With Aussie Sports Company, Spartan


Sachin Tendulkar has settled his lawsuit filed against bat-maker Spartan in the Federal Court of Australia after the company apologised for “breach of contract”. The Spartan Sports Group has been permanently restrained by court orders from using Tendulkar’s name, image and likeness to falsely suggest any endorsement by the Indian legend.

Sachin Tendulkar had a filed US$ 2 million lawsuit against the Spartan group and its directors back in June 2019 with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Tendulkar had alleged that the Spartan company had failed to comply with its obligations under the agreement by failing to pay him royalties and endorsement fees as per the agreement signed by both parties and continued to use his name and image even after terminating the agreement. The Indian batting great had promoted the ‘Sachin by Spartan’ line of products and was unable to pursue other sponsorship opportunities for sporting goods and sportswear while the Spartan agreement was in place.

Spartan Director Les Galbraith issued an apology on the company’s behalf and expressed gratitude for Tendulkar’s patience in resolving the dispute. Galbraith stated that the company publicly acknowledges that Tendulkar has had no association with Spartan since September 17, 2018, when Tendulkar terminated their sponsorship deal, IANS quoted the company director. Spartan has also cancelled the registered trademarks filed featuring Tendulkar”s silhouette.

CEO of SET Sports Management, Mrinmoy Mukherjee stated that Tendulkar is glad to be able to put the dispute behind him and reach an amicable settlement with Spartan out of court.