Ratan Tata busts Whatsapp Fake news on COVID-19 impact on economy


Ratan Tata has once again called out the unnamed WhatsApp warriors at work.

During the weekend, an article written in Hindi, attributed to the Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus, was circulating on the messaging platform.

The article said that ‘2020 is the year to stay alive, and not worry about profits and losses’. The piece said that all the businessmen and company owners should not stress about aiming to fulfil their dreams and plans as staying alive this year will be the biggest profit one can imagine.

The 82-year-old billionaire took to social media to call out the fake news. He further encouraged his followers, 8.5 million on Twitter and 2.4 million on Instagram, to always verify the news sources before believing it. “My picture alongside a quote does not guarantee me having said it,” he mentioned, pointing out the problem that is faced by many personalities.

Last month, the Tata Trusts Chairman had posed another picture on social media and clarified it was not said or written by him. He urged his fans to verify the media circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Ensuring every one is safe, he stressed that statements made by him will always be uploaded on his official channels.