Pune Teacher’s Takes Online Classes in a very Innovative Way


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, educational institutions across the country have switched to online classes. Confined to their homes, teachers have resorted to conducting classes virtually or recording lectures for their students. In one such case, a chemistry teacher from Pune has won praise for going the extra mile to teach her students.

Moumita B, took to LinkedIn to share a video to show how she takes online classes for her students.

“As I didn’t have any tripod so I made an Indian Jugaad for taking online classes from my home,” she wrote.

In the video, the teacher can be seen writing on a chalkboard while she explains the lesson. As she did not have a tripod to record the video, she came up with a “jugaad” using a hanger and multiple cloth strings. The teacher tied her phone to the hanger and suspended it between a plastic chair and the ceiling using cloth strips.

The video soon went viral and has since garnered over 3.32 lakh views and over 11,000 reactions.

A screenshot from the video also went viral on Twitter, with one user saying, “I don’t know where or who. But this picture made my day. A teacher setting up their online class with available resources. There is so much passion in this picture makes me overwhelmed.”

Indian forest Service officer Sudha Ramen also shared the post. “There is so much positivity and hope in this picture. Click on the pic – to see the commitment of this chemistry teacher,” Ramen said.