Private Hospitals charge exorbitant amounts for PPE Kits without Insurance Coverage


Several private hospitals across India, who are treating novel coronavirus patients, have been charging Rs 1 lakh for N95 masks and PPE kits. India Today has dug out case studies where 50 per cent of hospital bills comprise of PPE kits and masks.

In a strange twist, consumables like PPE kits, masks face shields which used to be hardly 10 per cent of the hospital bill have now increased to 50 per cent and this is baffling Covid-19 patients across the country.

A family in Mumbai found that 50 per cent of their bill was of PPE kits and N95 masks. The bill handed over to them by a private hospital was of Rs 2.8 lakh where PPE and mask charges were 1.4 lakh rupees.

“I was a Covid patient and I was admitted for 19 days, when I got the bill, I realised that 50 per cent of the bill was for PPE kits, masks, face shields. Bigger shock was when my insurance company refused to pay for these, which meant I got only 50 per cent of the amount because insurance company refused to pay for masks, PPE and shields,” a Covid-19 patient in Mumbai said.

It took intervention of Insurance Samadhan, a company that provides legal advice to get the insurance company to pay the claim.

Meanwhile, a family in Chennai, where one family member is a Covid-19 survivor, was shocked seeing the hospital bill. The PPE charges alone was Rs 33,000. Currently, they have raised a complaint with the hospital management to bring down the bill.

According to reports, there has been 20-25 per cent jump in insurance policies from January to March 2020 as people rushed to buy policies in wake of coronavirus crisis. But, for many, these policies are not helping as patients are shelling out a large sum from their pockets because policies don’t cover consumables which is now forming a chunk of hospitals bills.

Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, co-founder of Insurance Samadhan, said that disposable items cost no more than 10 per cent or so for other hospital treatment but in case of Covid-19 it is almost 50 per cent of the bill amount.

“Insurance companies don’t pay for consumables under which consist of PPEs,face shields, masks, etc. These are now making a bulk of bills and unfortunately these now need to be paid by the patient,” Deepak said.