Pregnant Indian Migrant forced to deliver on the roadside, walks another 150km post delivery!


Poor migrant workers, can still be seen walking long distances to reach their homes in remote areas. Many of them are in dire need of medical attention. One such story that went viral on twitter, is about a pregnant migrant worker who delivered a child on the way while walking back to her village in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, from Maharashtra. Reportedly, after giving birth, she rested for two hours and resumed her journey.

Indian news agency ANI reported that the pregnant migrant worker and her husband started walking from Nashik in Maharashtra towards their home in Satna of Madhya Pradesh. The woman experienced labour pains on Tuesday during her long walk to Satna. Her husband said: “After she gave birth we rested for two hours then we walked for at least 150 km.”The couple were found by security officials when the group reached Bijasan check post on Saturday, and were sent for medical examination.
The new mother told Inspector VS Parihar of Sendhwa police station that she said her family had walked 210 kilometres and that the women in the group helped in the delivery that took place by the side of a road.

“We have arranged for a bus to take the woman, her children, including the newborn, and her husband to their native village,” the police official added