Poverty Driven Bihar girls break piggy bank to buy coffin for dead mother


In a heart wrenching incident, three poor girls in Bihar broke their piggy bank to buy a coffin for their mother after she died earlier this week. The incident took place at Fatehpur-Saraiya village in Saran district of Bihar on Tuesday.

45-year-old Rajmuni Devi had suddenly fallen sick four days ago. Her three daughters were in panic since there was no male member in the family to help them. The woman was living with her daughters aged between 12 to 16 years.

With her husband Raj Ballam Kushwaha stuck in Gujarat for the past two months due to the lockdown and most of the neighbours away, Rajmuni’s daughters took her to a local doctor. On Sunday night, the ailing woman died at home.

The very next morning, preparations for her cremation began, but the family was faced with yet another crisis. Rajmuni’s daughters didn’t have enough money to buy a coffin and arrange the other materials for cremation.

Carrying the pyre

The girls finally broke their piggy bank and gathered around Rs2,000 from it. They bought the coffin with that money and it was only then that the cremation could take place. The girls also carried the pyre on their shoulders and performed the last rites themselves, in the absence of their father.

As the video of the incident went viral on the social media, local authorities swung into action and offered monetary help to the girls. A local self-help group comprising women donated Rs8,300 and some food stuff as well.

Countless stories of poor migrant workers stranded across India due to the lockdown have surfaced over the last several weeks. The lockdown has left millions of migrants jobless, while many of them have had to go without food or even water during the long journeys back home from their places of work thousands, travelling on trains under extreme heat.

Many of them said they survived on a few pieces of bread, flattened rice or biscuits as they couldn’t afford to buy proper food due to their dire financial conditions.