Pets fly from From Delhi To Mumbai on a Private Jet Hired For Rs 9.06 Lakh


The coronavirus-induced lockdown left a number of people stuck in different parts of the country. Several pets were also left stranded away from their owners due to travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the virus. Cyber security researcher Deepika Singh has now set in motion a plan to help some of these pets reunite with their owners. A private chartered jet is all set to fly six pets from Delhi to Mumbai in mid-June.

The 25-year-old from Mumbai said the idea of an ‘all-pet’ private jet came to her when she was arranging a jet to fly relatives from Delhi, but some of them refused to travel with pets.

“Some people wanted to travel with their pets but when the others refused, I decided to arrange for another jet,” Ms Singh told ThePrint. She said the jet for dogs, birds and other animals left behind during the lockdown would help provide a safer ride home for pets who would otherwise be transported through cargo shipments.

The cyber security researcher got in touch with private jet aggregator Accretion Aviation for a six-seater aircraft exclusively for pets. The entire plane costs Rs 9.06 lakh, with the cost of each seat being Rs 1.6 lakh.

“I contacted a private company and they agreed to send the pets on a plane,” said Ms Singh, according to a report in Divya Bhaskar. So far, four people have signed up to have their pets travel from Delhi to Mumbai in the chartered plane. The passengers that have been signed up for the flight so far include two Shih Tzus, one Golden Retriever and one Lady Pheasant bird.

“The cost per seat stands at Rs. 1.6 lakh which is already a little steep and if we do not find six passengers it will be even costlier,” said Deepika Singh.

Rahul Muchhal, the owner of Accretion Aviation, said that necessary COVID-19 precautions will be followed for the animals as well as their handlers. The pets will be screened before boarding and their temperature will be taken. They will travel in cages during the flight.