Paralysed Chinese woman miraculously saved after being ‘buried alive by son’ for three days



A 79-year-old disabled woman, Wang Mou survived for almost 3 days buried in a tomb without food or water.  She was buried by her 58-year-old son, Ma Mou, in a gravesite in north-westeen China’s Shaanxi province.

Police in north-western China’s Shaanxi province rescued the paralysed mother on Tuesday after the woman’s daughter-in-law reported her missing. Ms Zhang, the daughter in law told the officers that her husband had not returned home after he put his mother on a pushcart and wheeled her out of their family home around 8pm local time on May 2.

The 58-year-old son, known by his surname Ma, has been detained and faces an attempted murder charge, according to the police. An investigation on the incident is underway.