New York City Funeral Home stocks bodies in Rented Trucks


A Brooklyn Funeral Home, Andrew Cleckley Funeral Services in Flatlands was found to have stored dozens of bodies in un-refrigerated U-Haul trucks or on the building’s floor, after neighbors reported a foul odor around the property, sources said.

The 40 to 60 corpses were stacked on top of each other in the trucks. Fluid leaking from inside created a terrible smell and caused neighboring store owners to call the police. NYPD detectives were joined by several other city agencies investigating the trucks at the Utica Avenue facility Wednesday evening, with the section of the street closed off to the public.

John DiPietro, who owns a neighboring property, said he had observed cadavers being stored in the trucks for at least several weeks during the coronavirus pandemic.

“You don’t respect the dead that way. That could have been my father, my brother,” he said. “You don’t do that to the dead.”