Donkey Meat most sought after in Andhra Pradesh over sex drive enhancing claims

Andhra Pradesh has been turning to Donkey meat as people believe that it will heal back pain and asthma and increase the sex drive of those who eat it.

Authorities in Andhra Pradesh are fighting to curb the rise of donkey slaughter in the state. According to reports, donkey meat is being widely sold and consumed in Prakasam, Krishna, West Godavari and Guntur districts of the state.

As a result, the donkey population in the state is dipping at an alarming rate. The slaughter of donkeys is prohibited under Slaughter House Rules, 2001.

Animal rights activists that an entire racket of illegal donkey slaughter is running in Andhra Pradesh, with sellers sourcing the animals from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

A kilogram of donkey meat reportedly goes for as high as Rs 600 with a full-grown animal costing about Rs 15-20,000.

According to the animal rights activist, the practice of eating donkey meat is believed to have originated from Stuartpuram in Prakasam district — a notorious hub of thieves at one time.

There was a myth in the region that drinking donkey blood would allow an individual to run faster — a trait much desired by thieves.

In fact, characters in the recently released Tollywood hit movie, Krack, starring actor Ravi Teja and Shruti Hasan have also been shown drinking donkey blood and sprinting.

Some fishermen are also believed to drink donkey blood before going to fish in the Bay of Bengal sea off Vetapalem village coast in Prakasam district