Ayush doctors in Karnataka barred from practicing allopathy in emergencies

Karnataka state government has barred the AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidda and Homeopathy) doctors from prescribing allopathic drugs in emergencies.

Earlier they were authorised to do so. The order states, ‘…there is no scope for a person enrolled on the State Register of Indian medicine or Central Register of Indian Medicine to practice modern scientific medicine in any of its branches unless that person is also enrolled on a State Medical Register within the meaning of 1956 Act.

The right to practice modern scientific medicine or Indian system of medicine cannot be based on the provisions of the Drug Rules and declaration made thereon by state governments.’ Hence, holders of degree in integrated courses of Indian medicine can no longer prescribe allopathic drugs.

Previously, Ayush doctors working in the government sector were allowed to prescribe allopathic medicine for primary care. Dr Anant Desai, Project Director, National AYUSH Mission, Karnataka, said that the GO that came yesterday (Monday) deems the practice of prescribing allopathic drugs illegal. Dr Meenakshi Negi, Director, AYUSH, Karnataka, disconnected the call when DH asked her about the GO.