National Award Winning Actress Shobana appears on a live Facebook chat session for the first


National award winning actress Shobana appeared on a live Facebook chat session for the first time to communicate with her fans during the lockdown. Shobana known to be a very private person spoke about acting and dancing and answered the questions of her fans in the live session that lasted almost an hour.

The award winning actress said that she admires cinema a lot. She added that it was because of her incredible love for the movies that she had decided to quit it once. “Cinema is something that gives you lots of positivity. The fans and their amazing love make you too comfortable. I decided to quit movies when I thought that such extreme comfort wouldn’t be good,” Shobana opened up.

When asked about some of her unforgettable roles and movies, the actress named movies like Innale, April 18, Manichitra Thazhu and Thenmavin Kombathu. Shobana said that the role in Manichitrathazhu was quite challenging while she enjoyed acting in Thenmavin Kombathu.

Moreover, Shobana also spoke about her experiences of acting alongside screen icons Mammootty and Mohanlal. She said Mammootty always maintained a dignified distance with everyone as a senior actor. However, she added that he was a great actor and an amazing human being. Shobana revealed that she and Mohanlal are close friends and are members of the 80’s group of the South Indian cinema. They keep in touch through this group that has almost all the senior actors who were active in the movies during the 1980’s.

The fans were eager to know whether she had any plans to do another movie with Mohanlal. To this, Shobana replied that she is ready to do it and that it is up to Mohanlal to decide about the project.