Natasha Mudhar


Natasha Mudhar Bio

Natasha Mudhar is the Global Chief Executive of Sterling Global, an international business and communications consultancy, Natasha beat all odds, took Sterling Global to greater heights. There weren’t many South Asians in the field even though she was in a multi-cultural city like London. She is very conscious of setting goals and intentions, which help her to move inches closer to achieve mission.

Natasha is a campaigner and commentator on women empowerment, and works closely with a number of not-for-profits, NGOs and projects focused on international development. She graduated from City University London, with a degree in sociology and media and then began her professional career with Sterling Media just over 16 years ago, where she is now CEO. It has been a truly eventful and fulfilling journey so far, from representing countries, consumer brands, corporates, celebrities and thought leaders.

She has also since been appointed as an India Advisory Board Member to supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova’s platform ‘Elbi’ as well as Communications Director of challenger brand ‘BOLT’.


Name: Natasha Mudhar
Born : September 2016
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Sterling Media India Director for Project Everyone