MP Business Man hires 180-Seater Airbus A320 for family of Four to fly from Bhopal to Delhi


Jagdeesh Arora, a Madhya Pradesh liquor baron hired an Airbus A320 to fly his daughter, two grandchildren and their nanny from Bhopal to Delhi on Wednesday.

It is ironical that at a time when migrant labourers are struggling to get back to their homes and walking thousands of kilometres in the absence of any transport an Airbus A320 which has a capacity to carry 180 people be used for just four people.

The businessman owns Som Distilleries. When contacted on the phone, he initially denied hiring the plane. The aircraft was hired in Delhi; it took off from the national capital at 9.30 am and reached Bhopal at around 10.30 am.

According to sources in the aviation department, several other options were available — such as a six and an eight-seater chartered plane — but Jagdeesh Arora chose the Airbus.

“Those who have money don’t want to travel along with other passengers because of the risk involved, but a smaller six or eight-seater chartered plane could have [served] the purpose,” a source said.

Sources said the cost of hiring an A320 Airbus varies between Rs 5 and Rs 6 lakh per hour, depending on the cost of aviation turbine fuel.

That cost has seen a slump in recent months due to the prevailing international circumstances.

According to an industry insider’s estimate, Arora coughed up anything between Rs 25 to 30 lakh to fly four people from Bhopal to Delhi.