Mohanlal and Suchitra celebrate their 32nd Wedding Anniversary- Watch the Wedding video!



Mohanlal and Suchitra, the star couple of Mollywood celebrated their 32nd year of togetherness yesterday . The couple tied the knot on April 28th, 1988 in Trivandrum, the actor’s hometown. It was a love cum arranged marriage for the couple.

The star’s wife who is his biggest fan, used to sent greeting cards and flowers to him before marriage. Initially, the wedding was cancelled as the horoscopes of the couple didn’t match, but later the astrologer was proven to be wrong.

Watch the wedding video of the star couple.

Mohanlal has always opened up about how Suchitra supported him to build a successful career. He states that it is his wife who takes care of the complete needs of his kids and parents, and that has helped him to concentrate more on his career.

Suchitra has always stayed strong with her dear husband during all the tough times.

Suchitra is the daughter of veteran Tamil film producer Balaji. Mohanlal was born to Viswanathan Nair, a former law secretary and Santhakumary Amma.