Mini Kerala village hidden in Japan


If you have ever been to Japan, there is a chance that you might have come across the traditional Kerala house. It is not something you would find in any of the streets there but in a museum named ‘The Little World Museum of Man’ in Japan’s Inuyama. The open-air museum which has houses from around 22 countries is just thirty minutes from Nagoya, Japan’s fourth largest city.

A recent video shared by Jasim Moula Kiryath in his YouTube page ‘Jaz Live’ has already gone viral which shows the traditional Kerala house in the museum. Founded in 1970 as an anthropological museum and amusement park, the museum later constructed traditional buildings of native style and architecture from many countries. The admission fee for foreigners is 1,500 yen for adults.

Each house in the museum is a reflection of the culture of a community. A Kerala-model village has been setup in this museum representing India. The village has a traditional house which looks exactly similar to the ones in Kerala, a private pool often known as tharavadu kulam, and a tea shop.

The traditional Kerala house in the museum has been constructed using vettukallu (a kind of bricks used to construct houses in the Malabar region) and has been named ‘Chanakath House’. Almost all the materials from Kerala have been shipped to Japan. One can find a long verandah, an inner courtyard, a reclining chair (chaaru kasera), separate kitchen, dining hall, sleeping room and even a well often seen in Nair-style architecture. The museum has managed to curate a whole Kerala village skilfully recreated and drenched in history.

These houses are filled with authentic furnitures and exhibits that represent the culture and lifestyle of a golden era in Kerala’s history.

As one walks in and out of this house, it reminds you of all those good old memories of a joint family and certain elements in it that will make you happy and proud in Japan.

One not only gets to see these houses from various countries but taste it too. You may find a wide range of delicacies from different parts of the world in Little World’s restaurant. Also grab some of the best souvenirs from the gifts shops in the museum.

The museum also holds regular events and cultural programmes from different countries.