Man trapped in whirlpool saved by California police officer- Watch viral video


The horrifying scene was nothing short of a terrifying moment for a man after he fell into a whirlpool while hiking at the Angel Falls in California on Saturday. As the man struggled in the whirlpool, off-duty California Highway Patrol Officer Brent Donley, who was hiking in the area near Bass Lake in Madera County, was alerted about the episode and he rushed to help.

The water was cold as the man found himself trapped in the whirlpool. Officer Donley, in the meantime, acted fast as he used the strap of his backpack and tied it with a twig after cutting it out. The officer threw it to the man in the whirlpool as he made an attempt to catch it. After one failed attempt, the man did manage to catch hold of the rope of sorts.

Thereafter, with the help of other hikers present in the scenario, Officer Donley pulled the man out of the whirlpool and saved his life.

The California Highway Patrol Fresno shared a video of the incident and thanked Officer Donley in the caption of the post.

“While hiking at Angel Falls near Bass Lake in Madera County, with his family, off-duty CHP Officer Brent Donley (wearing the ball-cap) was alerted to a victim who was struggling to keep above water, stuck in the cold and fast moving water. Thinking quick, he utilised his backpack’s para cord style strap, cut it out and tied it together with a small branch to allow the victim something to grab. With the assistance of other hikers, Officer Donley pulled the man to safety and assisted him for until help from the Madera County Sheriff’s Office arrived. Officer Donley’s quick thinking and training in search and rescue, undoubtedly helped to save the man’s life,” the caption of the post said.

The video has gone viral as it has been viewed over one lakh times while netizens thanked the officer in the comments section of the post.

“So lucky he didn’t go down! Great job! So glad he’s okay and this has a happy ending,” a comment read. Another user said, “A true hero. Thank God he was there.”

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