Malaysian cooking couple takes the Internet by storm with Unique ideas


In January, Pavithra and her husband Sugu a husband and wife team started sharing their cooking videos on YouTube, not realising that their channel would soon become a hit among Malaysians from various backgrounds and age groups.

Social media users may have come across these cooking videos uploaded by a certain ‘Sugu Pavithra’ that feature a young lady (and sometimes her husband) cooking various dishes while speaking fluent Malay.

What’s more inspiring is that they merely make use of their handphone to record all their activities on YouTube. This is enough to prove her love for cooking. Pavithra’s channel started just for the fun of sharing, but now, it is a channel with over 350,000 subscribers! Among the most-viewed video includes recipe for Kari Ayam, Kari Ikan and traditional dessert.

Their  channel has grown rapidly with more than 30,000 views on each of her videos. Some of her videos have even exceeded 1 million views!