Liquor sale e-token website by Delhi govt in Crashed State from the time of Launch

Square, the e-token website launched by the Delhi government to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing while selling liquor in the state has been showing server error ever since it was launched.

The Delhi govt issued a statement on the same on Thursday night and blamed ‘heavy rush’ for the server error that was been thrown at users while also assuring the users that the website ‘will be up soon’.
The initiative has been taken by the Delhi government wherein people will be issued a token with a time slot after they insert their name and phone number on the said website.

‘Any person can apply for an e-token through the link While applying, the name and phone number of the applicant will be required and the e-coupon will be sent at the registered mobile number. Through that e-token, the person will be allowed to buy liquor from the nearby shops,” the Delhi govt has said.

Those in the national capital who faced the problem took to social media to complain about the problem and urged Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to sort the problem out.