Kurt Hugo Schneider recreates the Coffin Dance Meme on a Keypad Door Lock


A popular youtuber and musician, Kurt Hugo Schneiner, popularly known as KHS, has re-created the popular meme of Ghana pallbearers dancing with a coffin on a door lock.

The method of making music? Pressing the buttons on the keypads at the correct intervals, to produce the same tune as the popular meme.

Each press of the keypad produces a different kind of ‘beep,’ which means KHS probably had to test all of the sounds out and make sure they matched, and figure out the duration of each key to press.

Once in order, and synced up, the tune definitely sounds eerily, if not exactly, similar to the background track of the popular meme.

“takes a little bit longer to get into the house now… haha, definitely not losing it over here ???????? have you guys done anything crazy at home??,” KHS wrote about the video.

KHS has earlier in the past re-created other songs using the most bizarre tools, like making ‘Ocean Eyes’ by Billie Eilish using a potato.

While a keypad is certainly a lot less crazier, it just shows that you can make music out of literally anything.