Kerala smiles with Studio printed Photo Masks, the most sought after commodity in Market



Photo Face masks is the latest trend in Kottayam district of Kerala. Masks have become an essential accessory in our daily life, thanks to coronavirus. The most number of experiments are being done on it, with the latest discovery being photo masks.

Ettumanoor Beena Studio owner Binesh G Paul conveyed the idea of printing photos on masks to his colleagues. The experiment was a super hit, making photo masks the most sought after commodity in the markets.

If anyone goes to Beena studio with their photos, the lower portion of the face, which will be covered by the masks, will be 3D printed. Earlier sceneries and other pictures were printed which has now turned to photos.

Using sublimation technology, the print is taken and heated for 8 minutes using 3D vacuum machine at 210 degree Celsius. Since the faces are printed on cloth, the masks can be washed and reused.

For one mask, it costs Rs 60 whereas buying in bulk costs Rs 40 per piece. At present, there are 3 workers in the studio.