Karnataka Brothers sell own land to feed 12K Underprivileged amid lockdown


The daily wage labourers have been the worst hit following the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown in India. The Pasha brothers from Kolar city in Karnataka have become a ray of hope for the helpless. Tajamul and Muzamil Pasha have sold their land in order to help the needy amid the lockdown. Media reports suggest that Pasha brothers sold the land for Rs 25 lakh to feed the underprivileged people in their village. After receiving the lump sum, they asked their friends from different communities to volunteer in their relief work.At first, groceries were bought and stored at their homes. Then, ration packets were made. Each packet comprised of 10 kg rice, 1 kg all-purpose flour, 2 kg wheat, 1 kg sugar, edible oil, tea powder, spice powders, a bottle of hand sanitiser and face masks.They then went on to build a tent in an open space near their house to set up a community kitchen serving food to those who couldn’t cook for themselves.

The police coordinated with the team and gave them all passes for delivering essentials to the underprivileged on their bikes. They aimed at feeding the families 3 meals a day.

So far, the Pasha brothers and their friends have delivered ration to nearly 2,800 families comprising of roughly 12,000 people in total. 2,000 people have been fed by the community kitchen.
The Pasha brothers have become a ray of hope for the helpless. It is because of people like them that thousands can get through the crisis. Kudos to them!