Kamal Hassan gets Candid with Vijay Sethupathi on an Instagram Chat


Kamal Haasan interacted with Vijay Sethupathi through an Insta Live session titled Thalaivan Irukindraan. During the interaction, the actor-turned-politician spoke about a range of topics including politics, personal life, cinema, and nostalgia.

Kamal got candid when Vijay Sethupathi asked him how he handled recurring criticism in cinema as well as personal life with such patience. With a smile, Kamal said, “Certain people’s criticism could be wonderful lessons, especially the ones without mockery. There is even a sense of compassion in it. Even journalists put forth such criticism saying ‘Such a good actor shouldn’t be acting in these kinds of movies’. It comes with a sly tone of appreciation too. However, there is criticism that is aimed at me as an attack, simply to prove they’re better than me. The best reply in such cases is no reply, which makes them angry and even gives us happiness sometimes.

On personal criticism, I respectfully ask, Who are they to comment? It’s my life. I never think about such criticism. All my decisions are well-thought through and not made in the spur of the moment. I want to be able to face myself in the mirror with a smile and that’s the only thing I think about before making decisions.

Many have questioned me on why I’m open about my personal life, but I think I’ve gotten more love by doing so”. Watch the video here