Jio Fiber rolls out today!


JioFiber from Reliance will be launched today, bringing home the fastest internet and ever-free landline phone and smart TV set top box.Huge offers are expected to be announced on the day of presentation. Customers who purchased a one-year package would be given a high definition or 4K-clear TV or desktop computer for free.

Jio Fiber offers fast internet from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. There will be a monthly charge of Rs 700 to Rs 10,000 and the package would permit free monthly phone calls to the US and Canada for Rs 500 per month. Connections were provided to over five lakh households in various cities. Mukesh Ambani, head of Reliance said local cable operators have the option of accessing their services through the Jio Set top box.

Jio Fiber will also include movies that can be seen by subscribers on the same day they debut in cinemas, Ambani said in a speech laying out the plan on Aug. 12. That part of the service won’t start until the middle of next year, he said.