Is there a connection between Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan’s date of birth?


While all are still reeling under the shock of two famous Bollwood actors, Rishi Kapoor & Irrfan Khan, Netizens are captivated by the fact that Rishi Kapoor, who was born in 1953 passed away at the age of 67, while, Irrfan Khan, who was born in 1967 passed away yesterday at the age of 53! A rather sad, but interesting mathematical conundrum indeed!

This mathematics of life has been doing the rounds on the internet and netizens have been sharing this uncanny connection between the two stars on social media. What also temporarily added spice to the conversation was that when you add their year of birth to their age, the total comes to 2020. 1953+67=2020 and 1967+53=2020!
However, the wonder was short-lived, because very soon everyone realised that the age of any person who dies in the year 2020, when added to his year of birth, will total up to 2020! So if you were born in 1970 and die at the age of 50 in 2020, your year of birth and age of death together add up to 2020!

And what is more, the same is true for any other year as well! So, if you are born in the year 2000 and die in 2070 at the age of 70, your age plus year of birth totals 2070!

Elementary? Well, the truth it seems is not magical but logical!