IPL could happen only after Travel restrictions are lifted : BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal


Even though the  sports stadiums and complexes have got the green signal to re-open, the BCCI is not thinking about organising the Indian Premier League at the moment. According to BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal, no plan could be in place with regards to holding this year’s IPL as long as there are restrictions on international and domestic travel.

“The IPL at the moment is not possible because travel restrictions are still there. So, how can you have the IPL without any travel happening? We are studying these guidelines and will study state governments’ guidelines also. Accordingly, we will plan,” Dhumal told The Indian Express.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued guidelines mentioned that sports stadiums would be allowed to open without spectators. “Sports complexes and stadia will be permitted to open; however, spectators will not be allowed,” the MHA advisory stated.

Dhumal agreed that this order has paved the way for cricketers to resume outdoor training individually. “At a local level, cricketers can go to stadiums and resume outdoor training. But the entire team cannot get together because players are scattered.,” Dhumal said.

It is learnt that any meaningful discussion about the IPL will start only in August. But finding a window remains an issue. According to a BCCI functionary, although a section of cricket administrators and IPL stakeholders seems to have taken the postponement of the T20 World Cup in Australia, scheduled in October-November, for granted, it might not be an open-and-shut case.

“The T20 World Cup is an ICC event. It will generate revenue for the global body, and the ICC will do its level best to organise the tournament as per schedule,” he said.