Internet Banking- 5 things to keep in mind!


In light of the ongoing lockdown, most of India’s major banks have urged customers to use online services to avoid stepping out. But be on your guard while using the Internet banking.

Online banking safeguards



The most basic trip up a fraudster will make – spelling errors – that most banks won’t. If an email from your bank has a spelling mistake, be wary.

Sender email

Any email from your bank will have the bank’s sender email and will be your bank’s full name, again, spelled right.


If the source email looks unknown or even a little shady, avoid opening the email altogether.


And in any case, do not share sensitive information – like CVV, PIN and Card Numbers – over the internet or a phone call.

Website security

Ensure that any of the bank websites you visit are encrypted with https at the start of the URL, the absence of an ‘s’ means the page is not secure and you shouldn’t bank at that site.