Indian expatriates to register with Embassies for journey back home – NoRKA Registration merely for Quarantine purpose


The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has begun the process to bring back Indians stranded abroad and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) due to Covid-19 situation. The Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General in Dubai have asked the Indians in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to register their names so as to create a database of citizens wishing to travel back.

People have been misled to believe that the NoRKA registartion is sufficient for return process but it needs to be clarified that those who have registered on the NoRKA website should also enter their details on the website of the embassy ( or consulate ( In case of families, each member will have to fill the form separately. Employees of companies too should register their details. NoRKA registeration was a collection of information for the State government to provide quarantine facilities. You are less likely to get travel or other benefits through the registration as there are signs that many people are planning to register for the holiday in anticipation of free travel.

Those who wish to apply must do so with clear reasons. The clause requires detailed explanation such as treatment, death, loss of employment or expiration of their visa. Preference would be given to labourers, women, students and then to those whose visas have expired.

The Ministry of External Affairs has clarified that the registration will not entitle automatic allocation of seat on a flight to India. The main objective of the database is to estimate the number of people who wish to travel to different parts of the country.