Husband Photo bombs Wife’s Work Calls with Hilarious Costumes!


Cara Fields marketing chief of staff, for Elanco, a pharmaceutical company in Indiana, is better known as Batman’s wife—or Where’s Waldo’s roommate, depending on the day. Cara’s spouse, Matt Fields, decided to make quarantine a little more interesting by dressing up as different characters. “My husband has a new quarantine hobby of Zoom bombing my conference calls,” Cara posted to LinkedIn in late April 2020, along with four of his Halloween-worthy costumes from the perspective of her coworkers chatting virtually from her device. “The colleagues I’m meeting with always see him before I do.”

And if you are thinking where he gets all the costumes from – “Friends are mailing them to us!” Cara confirmed. In another comment, she admitted that these kinds of shenanigans are expected, given her husband’s personality. Here are some of his best background appearances: