Hand-kissing ‘Baba’ Kisses Death, Dies Of Coronavirus


Superstitions galore! Even as the coronavirus pandemic rages, some people continue to indulge in antics, including a ‘baba’ who used to kiss the hands of his devotees, leading to the spread of the infection that ultimately took the holy man’s life.

In the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh, the ‘baba’ used to kiss the hands of devotees, and as a result infected many people. According to information from the Health Department, so far 85 people have been found infected in Ratlam district, of which 19 came in contact with the ‘baba’ in Nayapura area.

The ‘baba’ was rumoured to be treating people by kissing their hands and by black magic. He died on June 4 due to coronavirus. This was revealed after the discovery of the people who came in contact with him. Of those found positive, 13 people are Nayapura residents.

Nodal officer Dr Pramod Prajapati also admitted that 24 people have been found infected who were in contact with the ‘baba’. The district currently has 46 active patients. So far four people have died.