Grudge holding Crows take revenge on MP Man


Shiva Kewat, a daily wager from Sumela village in MP, fears to step out of his house. Barely has he taken a few steps that they come cawing and clawing for him. A squadron of crows, or sometimes a lone ranger, swoops down on him, talons extended and beak lunging for a bite. The episode has been taking place for the past three years ever since Kewat tried to rescue a crow chick that was stuck in iron netting. β€œIt died in my hands. If only I could explain to them, I was only trying to help,” says Kewat, who now carries a stick at most times. He is careful never to hit any crow. β€œI just wave it around to shoo them off. Poor things, they believe I killed the chick,” he said.

It has been scientifically proven that Crows can recognize human faces and remember whether that face presented a threat or a benefit. They even communicate with other crows about dangerous humans or animals.