Google Doodle to honor Heroes & Helpers during Coronovirus over next two Weeks


Google released a simple and moving ad thanking healthcare workers around the world for combating COVID-19. The company is now continuing that praise by saying thank you to all coronavirus helpers with a series of Google Doodles over the next two weeks.

Google began the series of Doodles to recognize the many people responding to COVID-19 — from doctors and nurses caring for people on the front lines, to teachers and food service workers ensuring essential goods and services are still available

This Google Doodles series — usually reserved for multi-week sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup — coincides with National Public Health Week in the US.

The first thanks public health workers and researchers in the scientific community. Given that there will be 14 in the series, Google is using the same basic format with the “G” sending a heart to an ‘e’ that’s been themed.