‘French Biryani’ the first Kannada Film to be released on Amazon Prime


Bengaluru natives must be familiar with the Shivaji Nagar neighbourhood.

That’s where Pannaga Bharana has set up his sophomore film titled ‘French Biryani.’ This comedy is centred around a Frenchman and his interactions with an auto rickshaw driver during a visit to Bengaluru.

The main leads are played by British actor Sal Yusuf and Kannada star Danish Sait.

Bharana described it as an experimental film in Kannada cinema.

“What happens over the next three days in this Frenchman’s life and the love-hate relationship he shares with an auto-driver [is what the film narrates],” he said.

‘French Biryani’ is produced by Puneeth Rajkumar and is scheduled for a release on Amazon Prime Video on July 24, making it the first Kannada film to release digitally.