Flipkart Introduces Hindi interface


Flipkart has launched the Hindi Interface for the next 200 million customers from tier-II, III cities. The Hindi interface, brought about after months of intensive research, takes a holistic approach of understanding the needs and requirements of the native language customers primarily from smaller cities and are more comfortable using the internet economy in their native language, the company said in a statement.

“As industry research suggests that 90% of new internet users in India are native language speakers, it becomes imperative to offer a native e-commerce experience to impart familiarity, comfort, and aid in decision making. With the Hindi capability, users will be able to see all the information and search for their desired products in Hindi – a language whose internet user base is expected to outgrow English by the year 2021,” the company said.

“As a home-grown company, Flipkart has the advantage of understanding the Indian market and all its nuances in a much better way. We are committed to developing solutions that will help the adoption of e-commerce by the next 200 million consumers who come online. We have deployed around 80-90% of our resources towards solving for Bharat with our Hindi interface being one of the biggest catalysts in this transition. As language is a convenience and not a barrier, we believe this native language capability will play a significant role in further adoption of e-commerce in the country,” said Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO of Flipkart Group.

Flipkart plans to launch thisfew more Indian languages in the coming months to take forward its learnings of bringing more consumers online through native language interface.