Dog interrupts Live Weather Forecast-leaves Viewers in Splits!


Fox News 13-Tampa Bay’s chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was giving the weather update when his dog, Brody, “knocked off the computer with his head” causing the digital maps and visualisations to vanish. Dellegatto quickly asked the dog to climb in his lap and carried on with the weather forecast.
“That wasn’t quite smart,” he told Brody.

But then the dog ran across the room to find a person behind a glass door who was holding a blanket to prevent reflections during the broadcast. The weather reporter apologised on-air for his dog and said Brody was going crazy because he couldn’t see the person holding the blanket.The anchor in the studio wasn’t complaining and said, “This is amazing. I love it. We don’t need to see that forecast map, we’ll just look at Brody.”